CeraTex® BioNEW!

Bio-Soluble (Low Bio-Persistent) Fiber Products

CeraTex® Bio products, made from alkaline earth silicate (SiO2, CaO, MgO) fibers, are bio-soluble (low bio-persistent) and high temperature resistant (up to 2300° F maximum).  Variations of CeraTex® Bio fiber products include:

  • Tape
  • Rope (Twisted Braid, Square Braid, Round  Braid)
  • Paper
  • Blanket

Common uses for CeraTex® Bio products include refractory linings, thermal insulation, sealing, and metallurgical applications.

CeraTex® Bio Rope – 3250

Main Characteristics and Properties

  • High temperature stable
  • Lightweight, excellent handling strength
  • Low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, thermal shock resistant
  • Chemical and corrosion resistant, compatible with commonly used acid and alkali
  • Excellent fire protection
  • Bio-soluble (low bio-persistent)

Chemical Composition

SiO255 – 65 %
CaO23 – 35%
MgO5 – 10%

Product Applications

  • Lining, insulation and repair for furnaces, kilns, ovens, boilers, steam reformers
  • Insulation for power plant, turbine, thermal reactor, generator, and nuclear applications
  • Expansion joint seal and insulation
  • Wrapping and insulation for high temperature pipe or metal casting
  • Fire protective insulation and lining
  • Other high temperature seal, gasket, insulation, filtration or protection

Equivalent: LBP Wool - HTIW®; Insulfrax® - Unifrax®; Super Wool - HTI Temp Inc.®; Supermag® - Nutec