About Us

Established in 2002, Mineral Seal Corporation has been dedicated to providing cost-effective  sealing, insulating and shielding solutions for all industrial or R&D applications. We are committed to provide to our customers with top tier customer service and high level quality. Our large warehouse and inventory enable us to meet our customers’ fast delivery needs. Our custom fabrication service provides our customers with options to have special-made products.

Lamination of Composite Materials

  • Flexible graphite, ceramic fiber paper, ceramic fiber blanket
  • PSA backing, aluminum foil
  • Inserts of stainless steel foil, alloy foil, polyester and other plastic films
  • Custom thickness

Die-cutting – Flash-cutting – Water-jet cutting

Gaskets, pads and other shapes

Precision Slitting

Flexible graphite, ceramic fiber

Tapes and strips of custom width


Large Inventory