Graphite Laminate with Polyester Insert

Style 2030P

2030P is a graphite sheet laminate with reinforcement .0005” thick polyester insert(PET, Mylar), adhesive bond. Made from Minseal Flexible Graphite 2010-B Industrial Grade(99% carbon).

Cross-references: Graftech GHP; SGL Polycarbon BMY

Main Characteristics and Properties

Chemical Compositions of Flexible Graphite
Carbon: 99% Min.; Ash: 0.8% Max; Leachable Chloride: 30ppm Max

Typical Physical Properties
Compressibility (ASTM F-36) 42%
Recovery (ASTM F36) 16%
Creep Relaxation (ASTM F-38) Less than 5%
Sealability (ASTM F-37) 0.017 fluid ounce/hr (0.5ml/hr)
Working Temperature Range:
Oxidizing Environment, such as air: -400º F to 950º F (-240ºC to 510ºC)
Mild Oxidizing Environment of most gasket applications: -400º F to 1500º F(-240ºC to 850º C)
Non-Oxidizing Environment: -400º F to 5400º F (-240ºC to 3000º C)

Polyester (PET, Mylar)
Polyester (PET, Mylar)
Product Applications

2030-P Polyester reinforced graphite laminate can be used for flange gasket in relatively low pressure sealing conditions.


Product Sizes and Options

Standard Thickness: 1/32”(030”), 1/16”, 1/8”
Sheet Size: 39.4” x 39.4”(Meter Size) and 60” x 60”

Cross-references: Graftech GHP; SGL Polycarbon BMY