Graphite Packing, General Service

GraficBraid 1000

GraficBraid 1000 is the Flexible Graphite Packing general purpose version. The packing is braided from high purity flexible graphite yarn with high temperature inorganic carrier.

Main Characteristics and Properties

Construction: Interlock braid (except small sizes)

Working Temperature:

Up to 850°F if fully expose to air;

Up to 1800°F in steam or other mild oxidation medium;

Up to 5400°F in non-oxidizing media

pH: 0-14; Pressure: Up to 3000 psi; Shaft Speed: Up to 4000 FPM

Product Applications

Pumps and valves, in wide range of temperature, pressure and chemical

Product Sizes and Options

Cross Section: 1/8″ – 1.5″