Industrial Grade Graphite Foil

MinGraph® 2010B, Homogeneous Flexible Graphite

2010B Industrial Grade Graphite Foil – Homogeneous Flexible Graphite Foil in rolls or sheets are made from high purity mineral graphite, no fillers, no binders. 2010B is the most commonly used grade flexible graphite for various applications. Our 2010B grade material product has a higher purity of 99% carbon content, comparing to other brands’ 95-98% graphite in  the market. High carbon content gives the flexible graphite better chemical resistance, better thermal conductivity, and better sealability and better uniformity.

Equivalent: Grafoil GTB, Grade B

Main Characteristics and Properties
    • Heat and fire resistant
    • Chemical resistant, compatible with most chemicals
    • Compressible, conformable, low creep relaxation
    • Thermal conductive, electrical conductive

Chemical Composition: C 99% or higher
Density: 62.4 or 70 lb/ft3

Working Temperature Range:

Oxidizing Atmosphere, such as air: -400°F to 950°F(-240°C to 510°C)
Mild Oxidizing Atmosphere of most gasket applications: -400°F to 1500° F(-240°C to 850° C)
Non-Oxidizing Atmosphere: -400°F to 5400°F (-240°C to 3000°C)

Thermal Conductivity:
Parallel to Sheet Surface: 960 BTU-in/ft2.h.F (140 W/m.K)
Through Thickness: 36 ft2.h.F (5W/m.K)

Product Applications

Heat and chemical resistant gasket, seal, liner; sheet lubricant; thermal conductive seal; heat barrier; EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding and gasketing, heat dissipation, stress sensing, vibration damping, spark plasma sintering(SPS), and other thermal, electronic or electrochemical applications.

Product Sizes and Options

Thickness: .005″ – 1/16″ (0.13 – 1.6mm). Standard thickness .005″, .010″, .015″, .020″, .025″, .030″, .040″, 1/16″

Standard width: 39.4″(1000mm), 60″

Standard Roll Length: 100′, 200′, 500′

All roll stocks can be slit into any custom width, supplied in custom length, or cut into custom size sheets.