CeraTex® Ceramic Fiber R-value

In some applications of CeraTex® products people may want to use ceramic fiber “R-value” to calculate what size is needed.

R-value is related to the following factors:

  • Thermal conductivity (k) of the material,
  • Thickness,
  • Tightness of the material (how much it is compressed)
  • Working Temperature

As so many variables affect the R-value, manufacturers normally only give customers thermal conductivity value (provided in data sheet) instead of R-value. If all the factors are known, R-value can be calculated from the thermal conductivity:


T: thickness in inches, k: thermal conductivity in BTU/sqft F/inch

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4 Comments on “CeraTex® Ceramic Fiber R-value

  1. I am building a fiber-insulated ceramic kiln and need a roll of ceramic fiber blanket 1″ x 24″ x 50 ft. 8-pound density. What is the cost including shipping to Nashville TN 37013?
    Thank you
    Charles Hooper

  2. So what would be the R-value for CeraTex® 3170 at 1/4 inch at 130ºF?

    I can see Working Temperature listed as 0.05 at 500ºF but dont see any lower figures.

    • CeraTex paper is meant for high temp heat insulation applications. If the working temp is only 130ºF, you really don’t need this insulation. The working temperature is the temperature of the hot side. When you convert to R value, you need to use the thermal conductivity in BTU unit.

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