PTFE Synthetic Packing (Non-Asbestos)

Style 1500

Style 1500 PTFE Synthetic Packing Rope is a non-asbestos packing. Braided with synthetic fiber, PTFE impregnated and lubricated. An economical substitute for asbestos packing or PTFE packing.

PTFE Synthetic Packing or Non-Asbestos Packing

Main Characteristics and Properties

Construction: Interlock Braid

Working Temperature: 500°F, Max.

pH: 2-12 , Pressure: Up to 3000 psi

Shaft Speed: Up to 2500 feet per minute

Product Applications

1500L Braided synthetic (acrylic) fiber packing, impregnated with PTFE and treated with inert and heat resistant lubricant. This is the soft version of style 1500 packing. Recommended for motion seal in pumps.

1500D Braided synthetic (acrylic) fiber packing, impregnated with PTFE, no lubricant. This is the dry firm version of style 1500 packing for static seal in valves, boilers, pressure vessel, etc.

Product Sizes and Options

Standard Cross Sections: 1/8″ to 1.5″