Flexible Graphite Chemical Compatibility

MinGraphTM flexible graphite is inert and resistant to nearly all organic and inorganic medium with exceptions of a few highly oxidizing concentrated chemicals such as high concentration of nitric or sulfuric acids, concentrated nitrates, persulfates, perbenzoate, and peroxides, molten sodium or potassium hydroxide and chlorine dioxide. (MinGraph® flexible graphite may still be compatible with such chemicals in certain concentration, environment or process, however, a compatibility test is recommended before it is implemented in such chemicals.). The following chart provides a list of chemicals, concentration and temperature range that are suitable for flexible graphite applications.

MinGraph® Flexible Graphite Chemical Compatibility Chart

Chemical % Temp(°F) Chemical % Temp(°F) Chemical % Temp(°F)
Air, Steam, Halogens Alkalies
Air N/A 950 Ammonium hydroxide Any All Butyl cello-solve Any All
Bromine 100 Room Monoethanolamine Any All Carbon tetrachloride 100 All
Bromine water Any Room Sodium hydroxide Any All Cello-solve solvent Any All
Chlorine-dry 100 All Salt Chloral hydrate N/A All
Chlorine dioxide N/A 158 Alum Any All Chlorethylbenzene 100 All
Chlorine water Any Room Aluminum chloride Any All Chloroform 100 All
Fluorine 100 300 Ammonium bifluoride Any All Deoxidine N/A 140
Iodine 100 Room Ammonium bisulfate Any All Dichloropropionic acid 90-100 338
Steam N/A 1200 Ammonium sulfate Any All Diethanolamine Any All
Ammonium thiocyanate 0-63 All Dioxane Any All
Acids Arsenic trichloride 100 All Dowtherm 100 All
Acetic acid Any All Calcium chlorate 0-10 140 Ethyl alcohol Any All
Acetic anhydride 100 All Calcium hypochlorite Any 90 Ethyl chloride Any All
Arsenic acid Any All Copper sulfate Any All Ethylene Chlorohydrin 0-8 All
Boric acid Any All Cupric chloride Any All Ethylene dibromide 100 All
Carbonic acid Any All Ferric chloride Any All Ethylene dichloride 100 All
Chromium trioxide, aq.soln 0-10 200 Ferrous chloride Any All Ethyl mercaptan-water Satu All
Citric acid Any All Ferrous sulfate Any All Fatty acid Any All
Formic acid Any All Manganous sulfate Any All Folic acid Any All
Hydrobromic acid Any All Nickel chloride Any All Refrigerants 11 and 12 100 All
Hydrochloric acid Any All Nickel sulfate Any All Gasoline 100 All
Hydrofluoric acid Any All Phosphorous trichloride 100 All Glycerine Any All
Hydrofluosilicic acid 0-20 All Sodium chloride Any All Isopropyl acetate 100 All
Hydrogen chloride Any All Sodium chlorite 0-4 Room Isopropyl alcohol Any All
Hydrogen sulfide- water Any All Sodium hypochlorite 0-25 Room Isopropyl ether 100 All
Lactic acid Any All Stannic chloride Any All Kerosene 100 All
Monochloracetic acid 100 All Sulfur monochloride 100 All Mannitol Any All
Nitric acid 0-10 185 Zinc ammonium chloride Any All Methyl alcohol Any All
Nitric acid 20-Oct 140 Zinc chloride Any All Methyl isobutyl ketone 100 All
Nitric acid 20 + 100 Zinc sulfateUcon Any All Monochlorbenzene 100 All
Oleic acid 100 All Organic Compounds & Petro Products Monovinyl acetate Any All
Oxalic acid Any All Acetone Any All Octyl alcohol 100 All
Phosphoric acid 0-85 All Amyl alcohol 100 All Paradichlorbenzene 100 All
Stearic acid 100 All Aniline 100 All Paraldehyde 100 All
Sulfur dioxide Any All Aniline hydrochloride 0-60 All Petroleum 100 All
Sulfuric acid 0-95 All Aureomycin 100 All Tetrachlorothane, sym. 100 All
Sulfurous acid Any All Benzene 100 All Therminol 100 All
Tartaric acid Any All Benzene-hexachloride 100 All Trichlorethylene 100 All
Benzyl sulfonic acid 60 All Ucon 100 All
Butyl alcohol 100 All Xylene Any All

The above information is based on our best knowledge, but are not to be construed as a warranty or representation for which we assume legal responsibility. Users should undertake their own verification and testing to determine the suitability for their own particular purpose of any information referred to herein.