Weavelock Coated Fabric

MinGlas® Plus 3316-2025

Weavelock Coated Fabric MinGlas® Plus 3316-2025 is manufactured with high temperature texturized E-glass fiberglass cloth, heat treated and coated with acrylic weavelock. The treatment and coating enhances fabric heat resistance and helps to reduce fabric fraying and airborne fiber during fabrication.

Main Characteristics and Properties

Resistant to sparks, abrasion, water and most chemicals

Reduced fabric fraying due to cutting, sewing and other fabrication

Thread count warp: 20/inch (8 /cm) fill: 14/inch (5.8/cm)
Weight 18 oz
Plain Weave

Impregnated Acrylic
Color Brown
thickness .030”
weight 18.5 oz
Temperature Rating Base Fabric: 1000°F
Coating: 500°F
Breaking Strength(lb/in) 200×100

Product Applications

Welding curtains for spark and spray containment

Fire retardant barriers and shields for arc flash and grinding spark

Protective blankets or covers for pipe wrapping, turbine, fittings, flanges, engine exhaust pipes, etc.

Product Sizes and Options

Thickness: 030″

Standard Stock Size: 60″ x 50 yard