What Are The Different Types Of Flexible Graphite Applications?

Flexible graphite is great for packing because it increases in density through compaction and compression. Flexible graphite itself starts as a lower-density material that’s compressed in a contained area so it can attain the necessary density for installation.

Once the proper density has been achieved, the flexible graphite is compressed as an ideal sealing material for high-temperature applications. But what kind of applications can flexible graphite be used for and in what industries is it most beneficial?

Consider the following applications and industries in which flexible graphite can be used.

What are the main applications for flexible graphite?

Flexible graphite is heat-resistant, fire-resistant, chemical-resistant, electrically conductive, conformable, compressible, thermally conductive, and provides low creep relaxation.

Because of this, flexible graphite can be used in many applications but is predominantly used for fluid sealing and thermal management.

Fluid sealing

Fluid sealing products are designed using flexible graphite to meet the needs of high-temperature applications. These applications include seal and gasket systems, compression packing, and fluid sealing materials.

Flexible graphite solutions are used for critical fluid sealing in a wide range of global industries including power generation, petrochemical refining, automotive, and aerospace. Flexible graphite solutions provide easy installation, low maintenance, reduced stem shaft wear, and leak-free operation.

Thermal management

Flexible graphite is a crucial factor in thermal management. It enables a more uniform heat distribution to eliminate hot spots. It also provides the ability for workers to perform a more durable construction because it lasts longer and is inert to most chemical agents.

Flexible graphite also makes for good insulation material for thermal energy storage configurations because allows systems to maintain a given temperature even after the system’s power has been turned off. With flexible graphite, you’re able to reach desired temperatures at set points more efficiently so you use less energy while achieving the same result.

Looking for flexible graphite packing?

Flexible graphite is made up 95% to 99% carbon and is formed with the same elemental carbon as a diamond. It’s considered to be the softest material with a score of one out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale.

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