Compression packing is a sealing device in a mechanical equipment. It performs the sealing function, typically controlling fluid or gas leakage. Compression packing is usually made from relatively soft, pliant materials, consist of a number of rings which are inserted into …

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Graphite Atomic Structure

What is flexible graphite or Grafoil®? Flexible graphite, or Grafoil® is a soft sheet form of compressed natural graphite made from exfoliated mineral flake (crystalline) graphite.  Due to its flexible texture, it is commonly called flexible graphite.  Flexible graphite is a …

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By Bob Rutherford, FSA Member [Linked article from FSA publication site] Many associations, societies and regulatory agencies have rewritten and redeveloped emissions and leakage standards and controls year after year. The partial list of organizations—based on voluntary consensus, regulation or legislation—includes …

Why Flexible Graphite’s Consistent Quality Is Ideal for Seals, Packings & Gaskets Read more »

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