Graphitized Teflon / PTFE Graphite Packing

Style 1200 (GFO Equ.)

Style 1200 Graphitized PTFE Packing, or Teflon Graphite Packing, is manufactured through a specially engineered process. High purity micronized graphite is encapsulated in a PTFE matrix structure. The graphitized PTFE yarn (comparable to GFO® ) combines high thermal conductivity from graphite with all other great properties of PTFE. This combination gives the style 1200 packing great sealing properties that other products cannot offer: compressible, durable, self-lubricating, chemical resistant and heat dissipating.


Teflon Graphite packing, also known as PTFE Graphite Packing, GFO Packing

Main Characteristics and Properties

Construction: Interlock Braid

pH: 0-14; Pressure: Up to 4000 psi; Shaft Speed: Up to 4500 feet per minute

Self-lubricating, chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, heat dissipating.

Product Applications

Excellent versatile packing for pumps, valves, mixer, agitators or other equipment.

Product Sizes and Options

Standard Cross Sections: 1/8″ – 1″