Graphite SWG Filler Tape

Style 2020B

Graphite SWG Filler Tape or ribbon is precisely slit narrow flexible graphite strips from high purity industrial grade graphite foil, 99% graphite carbon, no filler, no binder material. This tape is flat without corrugation or texture. Supplied in flat pancake shaped coils. It is commonly used as filler material for Spiral Wound Gasket(SWG), and many other high temperature, thermal conductive applications.

Main Characteristics and Properties

Carbon Content: 99%
Density: 62.4 lb/ft3

Working Temperature Range:

Oxidizing Atmosphere, such as air: -400°F to 950°F(-240°C to 510°C)
Mild Oxidizing Atmosphere of most gasket applications: -400°F to 1500° F(-240°C to 850° C)
Non-Oxidizing Atmosphere: -400°F to 5400°F (-240°C to 3000°C)

Thermal Conductivity:
Parallel to Sheet Surface: 960 BTU-in/ft2.h.F (140 W/m.K)
Through Thickness: 36 ft2.h.F (5W/m.K)

Product Applications

Commonly used as filler tape for Spiral Wound Gasket(SWG). It can also be used as other high-temp chemical resistant protective sealing tape.

Product Sizes and Options

Available in all custom slit sizes.

Commonly Used Thickness: .015″, .020″, .030″

Width: .170″ – .500″