Ceramic Fiber Blanket with Reinforced Aluminum Foil

CeraTex® 3180AF

CeraTex® 3180 Ceramic Fiber Blanket with Reinforced Aluminum Foil is a needled blanket with a single-sided layer of reinforced aluminum foil.  It is made from high purity spun ceramic fiber, suitable for high temperature insulation up to 2300°F.

CeraTex 3180 Blanket is an equivalent to Durablanket® S, Kaowool® Blanket/Kaowool® S Blanket.

Main Characteristics and Properties
  • High temperature stable
  • Lightweight, excellent handling strength
  • Low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, thermal shock resistant
  • Chemical and corrosion resistant, compatible with commonly used acid and alkali
  • Excellent fire protection
  • Reinforced aluminum foil layer (single side) provides protection against moisture and radiant heat

Chemical Composition:  Al2O3: 47%; SiO2: 50%; Total Al2O3 and SiO2 >97%; Fe2O3: < 1.0%

Fiber Diameter:  3 – 4.5 microns

Fiber Shrinkage (1800°F, 3h):  < 3.5%

Working Temperature:  1800 °F (continuous use); 2300 °F (maximum)

Specific Heat (@2000°F): 0.27 Btu/lb. °F

Product Applications

  • Lining, insulation and repair for furnaces, kilns, ovens, boilers, steam reformers
  • Insulation for power plant, turbine, thermal reactor, generator, and nuclear applications
  • Expansion joint seal and insulation
  • Wrapping and insulation for high temperature pipe or metal casting
  • Fire protective insulation and lining
  • Other high temperature seal, gasket, insulation, filtration, or protection

Product Sizes and Options

Density: 4, 6, 8 lbs./cu. ft. (64, 96, 128 kg/m3)

Thickness: 1/4″, 1/2″, 1″, 1-1/2″,2″ Width: 24″ and 48″

CeraTex® 3180 Blanket Thermal Conductivity by Temperature & Density
8 LB Density 6 LB Density 4 LB Density
@500°F (260°C)  0.44 (0.06)

@1000°F (538°C) 0.87 (0.12)

@1500°F (816°C) 1.45 (0.21)

@1800°F (982°C) 1.83 (0.26)

@2000°F (1093°C) 2.09 (0.30)

@500°F (260°C)  0.47 (0.07)

@1000°F (538°C) 1.01 (0.15)

@1500°F (816°C) 1.73 (0.25)

@1800°F (982°C) 2.19 (0.32)


@500°F (260°C)  0.54 (0.08)

@1000°F (538°C) 1.29 (0.19)

@1500°F (816°C) 2.30 (0.33)

@1800°F (982°C) 2.96 (0.43)


Unit: BTU⋅in/hr⋅ft2⋅ºF (w/mK)         Testing Standard: ASTM C 201


Product Handling and Safety Information

Protective gloves, clothing and mask are recommended for product handling. Airborne fiber dust should always be kept down. Ceramic fiber may cause itching and irritation to skin and eyes by contact. If inhaled in sufficient amount of ceramic fiber, it may cause irritation to respiratory tract, scratchiness of the nose or throat, cough or chest discomfort. Ceramic fiber is classified in Group 2b (possible human carcinogen) by IARC. Based on animal study, it is a possible cancer hazard by prolonged heavy inhalation of this fiber. For detailed information, please refer to product SDS. (In animal studies, long-term laboratory exposure to doses hundreds of times higher than normal occupational exposures has produced fibrosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma in rats or hamster.  The fibers used in those studies were specially sized to maximize rodent respirability.)